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For "Class C Misdemeanor" offenses the initial punishment assessed does not include jail time. When you sign the citation issued by the Police officer, you promise to appear in court. You may be arrested if you do not voluntarily come to court as you have promised. In addition, you may be arrested if you do not pay the fine assessed by the Court, which you promised to pay.

Details on arrest warrants cannot be provided over the telephone.  If there is an active warrant for you and you voluntarily appear in person  to make arrangements for your pending cases, you WILL NOT be arrested.

If a person is arrested on a City of Laredo Class C Misdemeanor warrant, he or she has the option to either post a bond or pay the fine.

Posting a Bond

The Judge will accept a cash bond in order to release a person from jail.

Cash Bond

A cash bond is usually for the amount equal to the fine and warrant fees. This bond must be paid in the form of cash, cashiers check, or money order. You will receive a receipt for your payment which will indicate a court date.

You will be requested to enter into a plea of "Nolo Contendere" or "No Contest." By entering into this plea, you are giving the Judge permission to take the bond money and apply it to the fine in the event you do not appear on your court date.  You are not required to enter into the above plea. You have right to appear in court and request any available option for disposing of the charge.

In all cases where a bond is posted, please keep your copy of all documents.

You have a responsibility to make sure that your address is kept current with the court. If you are unable to come to court on the date given, you must make a written request or appear in person to request a new court date. Please bring paperwork related to your case when you visit the court.

Credit for Time Served in Jail

Credit for time served in jail is determined by the Judge.  The defendant must plead guilty to the offense(s) charged.


To request a credit for time served packet, mail your request to:

                 Laredo Municipal Court

                 P O Box 579

                 Laredo, Texas 78042


Request must include full name, date of birth and mailing address.  Once your request is received, you will be sent a request packet with instructions that will need to be filled out and returned.

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